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Fishing on foot

The Ile d’Oléron is a paradise for those who like fishing on foot! Lumineuse is a destination of choice when fishing with shellfish and crustaceans.

Oléron are not only beaches of fine sand ideal for swimming, sunbathing or water sports, it is also many corners renowned for their wealth of wild oysters, clams, bigorneaux, hulls, berniques, knives, crabs, spiders, urchins... Practiced reasonably and in compliance with the law, fishing on foot is a hobby, a delight in quest, a hunt for fresh and tasty products.

Where to go fishing on foot on Oléron Island?

Camping les Flots atlantique

To indulge in the pleasures of fishing on foot, here are some easy-to-access spots:

  • La Passe St Séverin, on the road to La Perroche towards La Cotinière, about a hundred meters from the campsite
  • Passe de l’Ecuissière in Dolus d’Oléron, located about 1km south of La Rémigeasse, along the coastal road
  • Boyardville beach
  • Huttes beach in Saint-Denis-d'Oléron
  • The beach of Gatseau and the seafront in Saint Trojan
  • Chaucre beach (Pointe de Chaucre, Les Trois-Pierres) in Saint-Georges-d'Oléron
  • Sables Vignier beach in Saint-Georges-d'Oléron,
  • The beach of Malneedle in La Brée-les-Bains,
  • The seafront on both sides of the Oléron bridge

In the Marennes-Oléron basin we recommend the beach of Bourcefranc, as well as the beaches of Cèpe and Galon d’Or located on the peninsula of Arvert, in front of the island at the level of the Maumusson perthuis.

What are we fishing on the coast of Oleron?

Camping les Flots atlantique
Camping les Flots atlantique

On the foreshore or on rocky plateaus discovered at low tide, it is possible to collect hulls, clams, mussels, meadows, scallops, bigorneaux, oysters, knives, bernique (or Chinese hat), but also shells less known as flions and tellines, more present on the Vendée coasts. In the crustacean family, shrimp and all kinds of crabs are hunted: kisses, spiders, cake...

Regarding equipment, it is not necessary to have very sophisticated equipment: a basket, a bag or a bucket, a knife and a small gardening rake will do very well. Take footwear that holds your foot well to avoid slips and falls, boots or non-slip shoes that you will not be afraid to dirty will be ideal. Forget about sandals, flip-flops or other shoes!

Tips: inquire about the tidal schedules and use tidal coefficients between 70 and 95. It is recommended to arrive between 1:30 and 2:00 before low tide.

Camping les Flots atlantique

Be careful to respect the instructions and the fishing zones

Mobilhome Camping les Flots atlantique

We are talking about recreational sea fishing, that is to say fishing:

  • Used on foot without using a boat, a floating unit, a motor land vehicle or a device to keep the vessel submerged (diving equipment)
  • The harvest of which is intended for consumption by the fisherman or his family or used for baits.
  • Practiced on the public maritime domain as well as on the part of rivers or canals with saline waters.

Fishing is strictly prohibited in the Moëze-Oléron Nature Reserve between the Boyardville Channel and the Chateau d’Oléron Channel. It is also forbidden to venture into the fish locks and scientific concessions of Chassiron and Ades under penalty of prosecution.

It is also prohibited to fish within 25 meters of oyster farms, mussel farms on bouchots and fish locks. It is important to note that sometimes for health reasons some areas may be temporarily closed to fishing. Be sure to check if a prefectural order is not displayed at the entrance of the range, you can also consult the website of the very active I.O.D.E association on the Marennes-Oléron basin.

The recreational fishing of shellfish is authorized all year round by day, i.e. between the legal hours of sunrise and sunset.

Camping les Flots atlantique
Camping les Flots atlantique

3 golden rules

  • Always go fishing with a shellfish measuring rod. It is prohibited to collect shellfish and crustaceans below the prescribed size. This rule allows animals to reach their adult size and reproduce.
  • Respect the quantities laid down by the legislation and do not fish more shellfish than you think you are eating!
  • Systematically reinstall the overturned stones and seaweed, replug the holes to preserve the ecosystem and the species’ environment.

Watch the tide!

If the time and tidal coefficient are of great importance for fishermen on foot, it is in the interest of succeeding their fishing, but also to prepare as best as possible their maritime escapade. Indeed, the dangers of tidal movements can quickly trap both amateurs and insiders. It is very important to:

  • Monitor water levels regularly and reach the shore at high tide.
  • Do not lose sight of other fishermen. If they go back to the beach, do the same, it is a very good indicator
  • Bring your mobile phone to warn of help in case of an incident.


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Nous vous informons que par mesures d’hygiène les couettes et oreillers ne sont pas fournis, alèses et kit d’entretien mis à disposition

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Nous vous informons que par mesures d’hygiène les couettes et oreillers ne sont pas fournis, alèses et kit d’entretien mis à disposition

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Réservation en ligne Les Flots-Atlantique VILLAGE 2